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'Not Under the Machine' Music album & Book - October 31st 2019







Copyright Scarlit Rose Ashcraft 2017


My current project, Not Under the Machine was previously linked to the Fundraising campaign ‘Recovery & Justice for Scarlit Rose’ written and run by my friend, fellow author & artist Violet Rose. Copies of the album, and the book as well as bonuses, will now be available for 10.00 or more pledge via bandcamp and my own sites' upcoming fundraiser, beginning in November. All donors to my previous fundraiser FB/Go Fund Me will get one automatically (don't worry you guys!) My goal is to jump start my health, (and in part reinvesting in the business of selling good sellable music! for the sake of myself, my family, and because others would be positively impacted by hearing it!) and to do this I hope to sell, by donation, 1000 copies w exclusive signed postcards!! Consider asking your friends to help spread the word, also. Thank you. - Scarlit Rose

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