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'Not Under the Machine' Music album & Book - October 31st 2019







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“My mission, when it comes to my music, allows me to both play and have fun, and make a difference.”

Not Under the Machine Project

Not Under the Machine is a music and literary social artivism project presented by indiepop music artist Dreamerqueen (Scarlit Rose Ashcraft.) The music album (which is an updated edition of Live To Dream with special adds. updated mixes and some new material), and the book, are due to launch October 31st, 2019. Related content is already streaming via links below. The project is based in and around Ms. Ashcrafts’ own survival story and experience. Ms. Ashcraft discusses more about her reasons for, and goals for, her project on her official blog.

Both personally and in a broad, relatable sense, the project - the book, blogs, and various artivism material - address various social activism related topics such as; class and poverty, neurodivergence including autism, ADD, dyslexia and other forms of brain wiring and learning differences/challenges, chronic/complex illness, rare disease, invisible disabilities/illnesses, mental health, addiction, bullying, lateral violence, women’s issues pertaining to the former, and various topics related. The music, which is catchy, fun and distinct sounding as well as meaningful in it’s lyrics, touches on this in a simpler, inspirational and poetic sense. The book is more detailed, deeper and in part more personal.

Please consider supporting by checking out the music and content, passing it on to family/friends, and perhaps suggesting that your friends do the same. Consider donating to get your own copies pf the album, the book, and an official signed album cover postcard -

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