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'Not Under the Machine' Music album & Book - October 31st 2019







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"Working with a humble budget and armed with little more than software, inspiration and raw talent, DreamerQueen's debut album is about the art of dancing under conditions where tears would come just as easily, if not more so. Inspired by her own struggles with poverty and navigating a health care and social service system under increasingly dire circumstances - yet significantly concealed by rhythmic and melodic ear candy - Not under the machine is essentially club music for those long dark nights of the soul."

-Mary Freebed Au (Queen of Aspic)

READ THE OFFICIAL COME HERE FLOYD INDIEPOP REVIEW ** HERE ** (note: currently Come Here Floyd lists me under my previous name, N.M. Rose Guedes - changed recently to Scarlit-Rose Marie Ashcraft.  This is explained in the blog   https://notunderthemachineproject.blogspot.com/2019/08/my-name-change.html

READ THE OFFICIAL COME HERE FLOYD INDIEPOP REVIEW **HERE** (note: currently Come Here Floyd lists me under my previous name, N.M. Rose Guedes - changed recently to Scarlit-Rose Marie Ashcraft. This is explained in the blog https://notunderthemachineproject.blogspot.com/2019/08/my-name-change.html

"Dreamerqueen lifts you up, and inspires with messages of hope and courage. Each track is an anthem in its own right. Relatable. Empowering. Transcendent. These angelic vocals and sick beats are a fantastic combination of sweet and sassy, vulnerable and strong. Simply, awesome."

- Heather M.

I love the whole album...it's catchy, it’s got pop; it is also my go to cd to getting my tot to sleep; she's asleep by the 4th track, soothing to her ears!

- TanyaLynn Dawson

"Rose's music is so awesome, it feels like you're being transported to another world. 80s and 90s music is coming back right now thanks to the synth sounds and creative lyrics. Let's see if we can get Rose to number one as her music is real, proper music compared to what we have in today's charts."

  • Hannah Reading

Dreamerqueen’s album Not Under the Machine will strike you hard: Yeah, she’s been knocked down but not out; as a matter of fact, there’s much, much more. Her first song I Am Dreamerqueen declares to those who would disparage: “Hater hate on merely layer.” It’s certainly a message for her cause but it’s impossible to escape the larger view – don’t let fear and misunderstanding muddy the beauty. Mix that with a catchy beat, the lyrics “for a better world like lollipops and ice cream” and you have Not Under the Machine. But it’s not just about her; she invites and encourages the listener to join. In perhaps the strongest highlight of her voice, Light On Lies has a cautionary but supportive message: “Say ‘moonlight’, don’t fade in the night, don’t break into fight, it’s not black and white, find your own light, is what you see really right?” With cascading vocals, she asks “Is what you see really the light – or lies? Light on lies.” Don’t Read My Lipstick is one of my favorites. It’s playful, melodic and deliberate. “You keep telling me that I’m a hottie, you like my body, you don’t know anything about me … you’re oblivious.” It’s a denial – “Don’t want your money and all the gifts.” Playfully yet directly, she explains: “Don’t read my lipstick.” She lets you know that her ambition is appealing but “it’s not cause of you I flaunt it.” If there’s such a thing as “the best” song from her album, the one that encapsulates her anthem, Scarlit might just be it. She makes it clear: “No one tells me what I am, I am of Love, and I’m the Captain.” She’s in command, despite “bruises and bones.” A reference to the Salem witch trials, she’s on her way to where “they can’t crush my hands.” She won’t falsely confess any more – “You made me confess, to all these terrible sins, I didn’t commit … I will again be whole.” Love and hope. That’s the message I get from Live To Dream. With a strong voice and pure talent, Dreamerqueen offers you a musical experience. But more than that, she’ll inspire you to live with tenacity. Dreamerqueen is authentic. If you focus on her lyrics, you can certainly find your own message but it’s a straight-shooting theme. Whoever you are, whatever you’ve been through, we’re all in this together. You can “rise above denigration and baby, you’ll dance!”

  • Nate Charles

"Not Under the Machine takes me back to my childhood, back in kindergarten. I had a silver ring with a red faceted heartshaped gem in it. I was always in my own fantasy world. And so I used to pretend to have some kind of superpowers with that ring on. Like it is a small warrior piece that served as an extention of myself. The music gives me that warrior feels, like ‘Yeah, I can do this!’ It makes me want to move, trooping forwards, powerwalking as if on a runway catwalk but simultaneously fighting of the monsters. Rosie’s voice reminds me of Lady Gaga’s voice, but unlike Gaga’s, Rosie’s voice has that extra crunch that give her songs some kind of nostalgic layer to it. I really appreciate that mixture of her tribal natural flows together with the pixelated synthy rythms. The synths have that funky oldskool computergame sound.The mix is the perfect combo. I play Dreamerqueens’ album when I want to remind myself that I’m strong and fierce. It's that exact sound to get things done!!

- Manon Van Trier

"I like the celtic vibe in a couple of the songs I've heard with an electronic fusion of elements from the 80's and early 90's. Catchy lyrics with some cryptic themes squeezed in that get you thinking make for a nice poetic combination. I look forward to hearing more. Great job!" 

- Corey McRae

"Dreamerqueen is a nice and sweet package with the main overall theme being Dreaming of Better Horizons while struggling with adversity; in a body working against you; against people who dont always have the best intentions in mind; the years of psychological musing of being unsure of yourself. Live To Dream is a cynical yet defiant - and wildly catchy - statement of striving to be with the 'rainbows and icecream' while stuck in a cold winter.

Don’t Read My Lipstick is solid and catchy in every which way - it was the first song i ever heard Rose sing. She has a way of melting you with her voice. Don't read my lipstick makes her sassy attitude clear: despite the sex appeal, Don't try your __ I've heard it all before, but I’m really here for something ‘more' than the likes of that...and if you only knew.

'Rise above the Bully is pretty self explanatory; love is a battlefield and social media and systems infiltrated by folks who are condescending jerks, non-empathic people who can crush ones’  heart and dreams if you let them - especially if you’re different and you stand out. but you have to fly above it.

Light on Lies’ sweet harmonious melody is more about Internal struggles, people not saying what they mean, passive aggressive behaviour.. Much of Dreamerqueens' theme seems to be internal struggles with others who contribute to hurting what may well be the most sacred aspects of the human soul and ability to love oneself. To have self worth. To think with healthy autonomy. to stand up for what's right. It’s against the often unseen adversity which tries to inhibit this among the spirited, among the sensitive. It’s about standing up to it by empowering yourself - and celebrating this in song.

Despite the Environs; Rose is a flower blooming out of the sullen dusk and twilight that is typical of a youth who grew weary and worn down by a cold harsh world, but still has dreams. In the darkening forest this melodic Rose blooms and the stars come out. That is Dreamerqueen."

- Josiah Smith

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