Dreamerqueen - Indiepop music artist & artivist

'Not Under the Machine' Music album & Book - October 31st 2019







Copyright Scarlit Rose Ashcraft 2017

 “Dreamerqueen is both a benevolent super heroine, and something of a ‘villain’, who channels feelings and insights to stand up for and avenge injustice. artistically and creatively presenting strong, passionate emotion and philosophical meaning - through catchy and melodic music with poignant lyrics - is her ‘super power.’ When ‘in costume’ she is sure of herself and doesn’t tolerate bullying and tear downs, or being crudely objectified. She fights for her ‘mortal, human self’ (ROse) to find true inner peace, the ability to be and express herself confidently without fear, and to face whatever may come.

dreamerqueen does justice what was almost missed and buried, due to lack of financial and situational opportunities (poverty/stability), access to accommodation and the right help for being differently wired (Asperger syndrome), lost confidence due to social bullying (various factors),and later, illness and disability developed in part due to those hardships.

Dreamerqueen is there to reclaim something I really loved, which was almost lost to me, which I was once too afraid and under-confident to do - and which today I can now barely do - so the strength I feel from putting on the ‘dreamerqueen’ suit helps me carry it forward in spite of profound medical challenges, fatigue and chronic pain related to an incurable genetic, degenerative disease, as well as trauma, and grief depression.

in spite of what people may assume, this is what dreamerqueen means, and has always meant, to me, and in the my final endeavor with this my goal is to make it clearer. i really have faith in my music. It is what I am most passionate about, though amid sadness, anger and fears of being bullied/hated on, I shut it out of my life in the past. I regret that and work very hard to try and materialize as much of my material as i can, while i can, as ‘dreamerqueen’ - and with it allow myself to dress up and play without shame.

dreamerqueen is - through quality, enjoyable indiepop music - meant to both allow me to escape and ‘steal joy’, and it represents and articulates messages of insight and inspiration which can make an impact on others.dreamerqueen is meant to symbolize reclaiming and owning ones’ dream, no matter what…that maybe, in some way, one can reclaim and own their dream - in spite of what may have happened to them. In spite of whether it feels like it’s too late. I share more about all of this, as well as the story and meaning behind each song, in my upcoming book ‘Dreamerqueen - Not Under the Machine: The Book’…and I look forward to sharing it.”

Scarlit-Rose Ashcraft